The 2020 voting period has ended!

Thank you to everyone who voted in the 2020 Best of Alaska polls! We had over 35,000 votes from Alaskan's across the state, chiming in to vote for their favorite local businesses.

Winners will be announced Sunday, December 13, 2020 in a special section within your Anchorage Daily News print paper as well as here online! Be sure to follow us on Facebook as well for any updates along the way!

Best of Alaska voting

Welcome to the 2020 voting period for Best of Alaska!  As usual, ADN readers have the ability to write-in their favorite businesses — and we've tried to anticipate some of the questions you might have as well.

Q. Are the results really real? Or do you tweak them? Does advertising have any influence on what gets awarded?

A. The results are really real; in many cases, they're not what we might have chosen at all if we did editor’s picks.  And, no, our advertising department holds no sway over the winners (they do know who placed in the Top 3, however.)   Any and all businesses are welcome and able to purchase ad spaces in the voting polls, but voters can still write in whatever business they deem ‘The Best of Alaska.’

Q. Have you ever thought of running an initial round of voting and then a second round of runoffs?

A. Yes, and it’s something we will likely implement for 2021 voting. Many other publications around the country run their Best Of contests that way.  With this new change, we will have an initial nomination period  (which is just like our current voting period, giving readers the opportunity to write-in whatever businesses they choose), and we will then take the most “written-in” businesses in that category to include them in the true voting period.  

Q. Do people try to cheat? How do you prevent it?

A. Yes, they do. And we have our ways.  

Q. Can people vote more than once?

A. Yes, you can vote once per week, per category.

Q. Why don't you have a category for ________ ?

A. We switch up categories every year, putting in new ones and dropping some old ones. If you want to make the case for a specific category for next year's ballot, drop an email to our events team at


The 2020 Winners will be announced in December 2020 both in a special print section of Anchorage Daily News and online here at If community mandates allow us to safely do so, our 5th Annual Best of Alaska Showcase will be taking place in January 2021!    Stay up to date on the Best of Alaska Facebook Page!

Vote now for the best business of Alaska

June 19-20, 6pm - 6pm

Voting polls are now open, so be sure to show your favorite Alaskan companies some love! Vote for as many of your favorite companies as you can for your chance to win a $250 Alyeska Resort Gift Card!

From best tour company, to best brewery, best steak, best eye doctor, best veterinarian, all the way to the best bookstore, we want to know who our readers deem to be the Best of Alaska.

Adventure & Travel

ATV/Motorcycle Dealership

Outdoor Recreational Area


Kincaid Park

Summer Adventure Tour Company

Trail/ Hiking Spot



Family Fun

Family Activity & Entertainment

Food & Drinks







Dental Practice



Plastic Surgeon




Athletic Club/Fitness Center

Cell Phone Company







Employment Agency

Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

Local Band


Danger Money

Pet Services/Supplies


AK Bark



Real Estate Professional


Adam Holzer

Security Provider